The Ministry of Defence and the Conservatoire d’espaces naturels Rhône-Alpes hosted the first national presentation of the "Mission Orchis Militaris" comic book about the LIFE Défense Nature 2Mil project on Wednesday 14 October 2015 at the Frère de Lyon headquarters.


Around forty people were present at the launch event for the publication. Lyon's Military Governor Lieutenant Colonel Pierre Chavancy made the welcome speech at the event, followed by Colonel Denis Thiebault, DREAL representative Julien Mestrallet and President of the CEN Rhône-Alpes Jean-Yves Chetaille. The artists were in attendance, receiving thanks from each of the above, accompanied by their teacher and scriptwriter Olivier Jouvray.


A video showing some of the key moments during the creation of the comic book was shown.  During his introduction to the video, Jean-Yves Chetaille reminded us that: "Any similarities to actual persons is not a coincidence, rather the result of genuine field research among professionals: naturalists and military staff who are working together to preserve the biodiversity of military land. Following this journalistic enquiry, each student put all of their own creativity and skill into creating a story that is both accurate in its message and enjoyable to read."


The result of a partnership weaved at the national level : 


A first rapprochement between the CEN Rhône-Alpes and the Ministry of Defence has been engaged since the 1990's in the military camp of Valbonne (Ain), to avoid the progress of the scrub on the 1,200 hectares of dry grasslands and afforestations of this site. This partnership is at the origin of the national agreement between the Ministry of Defence and the Federation of Conservatoire signed in 2009. 

The challenge of this comic book, was by means of an attractive support, to make sensitive the young people, the civilians and the military to the rich natural heritage situated on military land. This comic is the result of a partnership established between the Emile Cohl school, the art school of Lyon, the CEN Rhône-Alpes and the Ministry of Defence. To realize the comic book, the four students of the Emile Cohl school went to meet military and naturalists who work together in the protection of the biodiversity while protecting the operational character of the military sites.


Sessions dedications of the comic book by 4 draftsmen :


The draftsmen were set up to dedicate comic book at first to the Lyon's Military Governor then to each of the participants wishing it. The draftsmen Nicola Bernardelli, Maud Bihan, Rozenn Grosjean and Christelle Pourrot could customize again comics. This moment also was the opportunity for all, military, naturalists, students, civilians, journalists and managers to share this beautiful project in partnership. The comic will be available to teachers and associations for raising awareness of children and students in ecology and environmental preservation.