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As well as exchanges of good practices within the French ministry of the Armed Forces and with the different biodiversity actors, LIFE NaturArmy aims to spread awareness and carry out outreach projects on biodiversity on military sites in France and in Europe.

Kakémono LIFE NaturArmy et ENSOA
Crédit : FCEN

Creating communication tools

  • Our main target audience is the staff of the French ministry of the Armed Forces , who are insufficiently aware of the environmental role they are actually expected to play. The second target audience is the biodiversity partners and institutions and also the general public, to inform them of the work being done by the French ministry of the Armed Forces .
    The communication tools that will be used are:
  • – Regular updates on the LIFE partners’ websites and Facebook and Twitter accounts.
    – Relaying of information through the communication departments of each of the armed forces
    – A communication kit (reports, videos, flyers, infographics) to facilitate the appropriation of biodiversity issues at the Ministry and the actions carried out
    – A ‘new arrival’ booklet dealing with the specifics of Natura 2000 issued to 20,000 soldiers
    – Awareness-raising days
    – A leaflet presenting the outcomes of LIFE NaturArmy
    – Translation and dissemination of the communication tools in the European Defence Network, and to European defence and environment ministries
    – Information published on the Belgian defence ministry’s website

Progress so far

Several tools have been created:

  • The flyer presenting the LIFE NaturArmy programme
  • The armed forces and biodiversity brochure
  • The news page on the Ministry’s SGA intranet is regularly updated with new information on the measures taken to preserve biodiversity, on the MINARM’s internal tools
  • A web series: a first report has been produced at Chambaran camp: Armées et Biodiversité : le Camp de Chambaran
  • An information poster about wetlands for the Fréquence Grenouille 2021 event
  • Mini-guides on wetland conservation
  • Press releases

Project partners