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Organised by the French ministry of the Armed Forces in collaboration with the Conservancies of Natural Areas (CENs), these are events that will help to make the network of military personnel and biodiversity actors more attractive at both national and European level.


National highlights

Progress so far

Several large national events have punctuated the LIFE NaturArmy programme:

        the LIFE programme was officially launched in Paris on 12 October 2020. The launch seminar was attended by about twenty people in person and another sixty by video conference. The meeting was opened by Mrs Darrieussecq, a French ministry of the Armed Forces  minister, moderated by Catherine Jourdain, administrator of the Federation of Conservancies of Natural Areas (FCEN), and the closing speech was given by Isabelle Saurat, General Secretary in charge of Administration.

          On 17 December 2020, a bird strike hazard workshop was organised by the French ministry of the Armed Forces  for air base staff and the CENs. A two-handed presentation was given by the Orange 115 air base and the CEN PACA, which shared their experience with the other bases.

          in June 2021, an Armed Forces and Biodiversity InterLIFE meeting was held with the NaturArmy and Valbonne LIFE teams.

          in November 2021, a workshop on CEN-Armed Forces partnerships was held during the CEN congress in Tours.



European highlights

Progress so far

A number of events with a European reach are also included in the LIFE roadmap: 

  • in September 2021, the IUCN World Conservation Congress organised in Marseille was able to raise over 500 participants’ awareness of the actions carried out by the partners of the “Armed forces and biodiversity” projects
  • in June 2022, a study trip organised by the Belgian Ministry of Defence brought some twenty people to Elsenborn camp to discuss post-LIFE management
  • in 2022, a European seminar will be organised by the French ministry of the Armed Forces in Paris

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